My artistic side has basically four expressions: photography, poetry, digital art and prose. I studied traditional and digital photography with the New York Institute of Photography and I am already involved in photography many years. In my artistic website you can find more than 60 photographic works that can be purchased as fine-art prints. All photographs have been captured digitally and the majority of them has been enhanced using a variety of digital art techniques.

I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve. Going back at that age, in the elementary school, I remember writing a poem that was published in the school newspaper. Unfortunately, I hadn’t kept a copy of this newspaper and I don’t remember what this poem was talking about. Later, in high school I discovered rock music  and started writing poems in the style of rock songs.

I have published one poems collection in Greek and I now put the finishing touches to a second poems collection.

Prose is another big love of mine. I was still a student when I started experimenting with writing about my travelling and adventures. Then came the blogs and the creative writing courses…

My first novel has been published in November 2016. I have already started working on my second novel.