Where the sun delayed to shine

My firεκεί που ο ήλιος άργησε να λάμψει γκόθικ μυθιστόρημα ντούσκας παναγιώτηςst novel has been published in November 2016 in Greek.

From the back cover:

“An erotic, metaphysical thriller or, perhaps better, a dark fairy tale for adults which reminds that life is a journey of self-knowledge where nothing is as it seems.

Pete is studying gothic literature at Stirling University in Scotland. During a concert in Edinbrough he meets Britt, a mysterious photographer. A few days later the professor Dr. Edgar will assign to Pete a university project that has to do with the discovery and analysis of a valuable manuscript. These two events will change his life, giving it a metaphysical dimension where dreamy but also gloomy realities, trapping psychological situations and parallel worlds of dark angels and fairy tales intersect dangerously.

Will Britt and Pete finally manage to cross the darkness that has suddenly spread in front of them?

Will they be capable of emerging again in the light?”

Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm

Number of pages: 344

ISBN: 978-960-9585-67-5

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